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The Experts in Moulded, Extruded and Hand Built Rubber Products

Manufactured for a diverse range of local and international industries, including Mining,  Construction, Railway, Marine and Agriculture

Where The Customer Comes First

Allied Rubber doesn’t stock standard product lines that “might fit”.

Our experienced team consults with each customer to determine what they really want.  Then we design and make the product they really need.

Whether you require specialist tooling for the most sophisticated industry needs, help with your design or expert advice on rubber chemistry and suitability, talk to us to find out how our expertise in design, engineering and custom building can help you.

What We Do







With our expertise and ability to compound, custom mix and manufacture on site we can offer a solution to almost any request.

A Vital Part Of Your Project Team

Allied Rubber has been in the rubber business for 50 years.  Although we reckon we’ve just about seen it all in that time, we are never surprised or intimidated by the new demands that industry throws up every day. We thrive on the challenge.

From front office, through product design and rubber chemistry to factory floor, we have Australia’s most experienced rubber team at work.  We never just look for a quick fix, though we are proud of our rapid production turnaround times.  

We always aim for a long-term and reliable solution.

With a proud 50 year history, we are specialists in manufacturing moulded, extruded and hand built rubber products.

Experience Counts

At Allied Rubber Technologies, we have built up a wealth of experience from helping our customers develop successful manufacturing and engineering processes for a vast range of products in many different industries.

We pride ourselves in our track record of delivering countless solutions even when our customers thought they had hit a brick wall.

This means we can eliminate a lot of the guess work for you and get directly to the core of what will work for your projects.

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